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  • Do you require accounting and payroll services but find it expensive to hire quality in-house professionals who can manage all the tasks?
  • Are you discovering a consistently low gross profit margin?
  • Are you unsure of where to start, in identifying the operational issues which may be contributing to these results?

At Brisan, we have previous experience in owning and operating hotels, and we are also qualified accounting service specialists.  We can help you to identify your hotel operational issues around stock control, wastage, poor ordering leading to holding excess stock, theft, and rostering optimisation, and we can help you to overcome these issues with our real-time systems and processes.

Allow the team at Brisan, to support you as you run your hotel, with our accounting, payroll or analysis services.  We provide 24/7 on-call advice, to support you beyond business hours – when you often need it most.

Contact us today to discuss your accounting, payroll or analysis questions.

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(Brisan) has given us the opportunity to focus on running and growing our business by taking complete ownership of the operational side of things in a sound manner. Being trustworthy with sensitive information as well as compliant with ATO and in particular Fair work bodies, this gives our business incredible peace of mind and this is hard to come by.