Working with Brisan Hospitality Consulting

Brisan Hospitality Consulting is an industry leader in supporting Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Sporting Clubs, Take-away shops, Resorts, Caravan Parks, and other hospitality venues, with accounting services.

We work with customers who value their time, and prefer to outsource their paperwork and payroll so they can stay front of house – in metropolitan and regional areas across Australia.

At Brisan our specialisation goes beyond accounting services, and extends into understanding the day-to-day issues within hospitality management; our family owned business has operated both accounting services as well hotels and pubs.

Additionally, as a member of the Australian Hotels Association, Restaurants & Catering Industry Association, the Institute of Public Accountants, and as accredited BAS agents, we ensure our customer are kept up to date with current industry and government regulations.